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Oct 21, 2020 at 22:15

As I sat up and clicked save on my latest Miss Ross driven story it occurred to me that I probably should get something going with Kim and give up on my stupid fantasies. I'd been watching and writing too much porn lately. I minimized the screen on "Special" and stared at the next document which was my goofy vampire story for the group. As I read the uninspiring words I realized it could be a decent story if I tossed some hot sex in there. I doubted that Miss Ross would appreciate that though. I grinned as I thought that in any scenario I could envision she would not only appreciate it, but play with herself while reading asian facesitting porn movies

Sadly, that Miss Ross only existed in my head. In reality she was just an attractive teacher that supplied a lot of eye candy and fantasy to countless students over the years. Although I doubt there were any others that took it to the degree that I did. For me she had become nothing short of an obsession. Billy had once asked me if I thought Miss Ross was the hottest teacher we'd ever had. I had answered that never mind teacher, Simone Ross was the hottest woman I'd ever seen period!

When I'd had her as a sophomore two years ago she had driven me crazy to the point I'd had to be excused to go to the bathroom so I could jerk off to the thought of her doing....well whatever the hell she wanted to me. In fact I was so into her that when I'd heard she was teaching a creative writing course I'd taken it as one of my senior electives just to be able to see her every day before I graduated. Well there was only two weeks left to enjoy her and I was doing that as much as I could.

Not that I didn't actually enjoy the class itself as I had indeed been writing for the last couple of years. The only problem was what I was writing was dirty stories, or as the web sites called it; erotica. I was pretty good at it and at the urging of my then girlfriend Julie, had submitted a few to a story site named Erotic escapes where under the pen name hotforteacher I'd gotten some pretty good reviews.

Most of my stories were about older women with guys my age and Miss Ross had been the inspiration for many of them. Most of my female leads had the same long dark hair, big brown eyes and perfect full lips as my favorite English teacher. Yes Miss Ross had been the nasty little cougar in my mind and in print many times over the last few months. Shit, I'd even joined her writing discussion group because it met every other Sunday at her house.

While the other half dozen students sat and discussed their stories and other's work, I sat there like a perv, picturing Miss Ross lounging naked on her couch or standing in her shower, rubbing her wet soapy tits. Last class she was wearing a tank top and a pair of denim shorts that had me spanking it all night long. That same day, I'd hit an all time low and while everyone was out on her deck, I'd used the bathroom then sneaking down her hall way slipped into her bedroom and moving quickly had opened her top bureau draw and found myself staring at an array of thongs and lacy bras.

It had taken an act of will not to steal one, but I managed to turn around and walk back out to the deck where I'd sat with my book in my lap to cover my constant erection. It always amazed me that she was single. A woman like that...

"Okay, enough." I said out loud.

Closing my eyes I forced Miss Ross out of my mind so I could finish my project. As I'd stated in my latest story, I did actually need a decent grade in this class to keep my average up. I played the game of telling myself that if I focused and finished "A Vampire's Remorse" I would then watch some milf porn and get off before I went to bed.

Opening my eyes, I cleared my mind and re-read the first half of the story. I then started to type. The first few sentences were forced, but as time went on, I caught on and my fingers started to blur across the keyboard. As always when I wrote I became immersed in the story and got more into than I had thought I would. When I typed the words "The End" I sat back and after rubbing my tired eyes was surprised to see it was ten fifteen live sex 69

ter giving the story a quick run through spell check I remembered my promise to myself and with a grin minimized "Vampire' and brought up the net. I went straight to my favorite site 'The cougars cave" and started browsing videos. I stopped on one that said "Joe works hard in detention" and clicked on it. The video came up to show a kid sitting alone in his classroom getting lectured by his very hot and provocatively dressed teacher. My eyes widened as I saw she bore a pretty good resemblance to Miss Ross. Same long black hair, brown eyes and very impressive rack.

Having no desire to listen to the stilted dialogue of the alleged plot, I brought the video forward.

"Oh yeah." I whispered as the teacher was now on her knees, sucking her lucky students cock.

The camera panned to show her from behind and I licked my lips at the sight of her perfect ass. I remembered my own story where I had my tongue buried in Miss Ross's ass and as the camera went back to the stunning brunette sucking cock, I began to imagine how I would describe it. I sat up as the rest of my story jumped into my head and clicking off the video brought "Special" back up and began typing at a frenetic pace. My fingers pounded away on the keyboard as in the story I pounded away on Miss Ross.

Of course I didn't start fucking her until she had given me an eye rolling blow job that ended with her letting my cum drool out of her mouth and onto her tits. From there she had hopped back onto the desk for me to take over where I left off and suck her off with my fingers buried in her pussy. I described her as wailing like a banshee as she came beneath my eager tongue and telling me to stand back up and slam the shit out of her. The story then went into the two of us going around the world. My stud of a story self banged her with her legs spread wide, bent over her desk, and doggy style on the floor.

The story ended with her riding me hard and fast on my back on her desk, then us rolling onto our sides, where with her leg draped over mine I fucked the shit out of her until I whipped my cock out and came all over her soft stomach. At that point I was sweating and my cock was aching between my legs. I forced myself to type out some pillow talk dialogue about how she knew she teased the students and had always fantasized about fucking one. In the story Ross told me about how as soon as she saw that note she knew she was going to fuck me and how would I feel about attending 'summer school' with her.

I typed the end and after 'signing it' Hotforteacher copyright Erotic escapes 2012 clicked save and sitting back in my chair, pulled my throbbing prick from my pants and stroked it hard and fast to the images of everything I had just written. I moaned as my cock began spurting and in my mind those streams of thick white cum were splashing all over Miss Ross's lips and tongue.

"Wow." I gasped as I released my spent cock and tried to catch my breath.

I stood and after gingerly tucking my dripping cock back into my pants slipped out of my room and took a quick shower. While soaping myself, I envisioned Miss Ross standing behind me and doing it for me, giving me a nice soapy hand job. Before I knew it I was stroking again and in a surprisingly short time blew another good sized load. After rinsing off I stepped out and as I dried myself off decided that it was time to ask my little blonde admirer out.

My mind was in over drive and I needed to get some actual sex. A guy who I knew at work knew Kim's ex boyfriend and he's said she was a wild little thing so I'm sure I would have some fun with her. I went back in my room and stretching out under the sheets closed my eyes and started thinking about Kim. It would be fun to have someone to do things with and might even inspire some new stories. I was just starting to nod off, when my eyes flew open.

"Oh shit!" I said aloud.

I hadn't sent the damn story off yet! I shook my head, trying to clear it and getting up, staggered over to my computer. Bringing up the story, I right clicked it to send to and after punching in Miss Ross's e-mail sent it off. I closed the screen and as I began to turn saw the time on the computer was eleven forty. Damn that was close I thought as I went back to bed. I almost got myself in some serious trouble.


I awoke to the sound of my cell ringing and with a groan rolled over to answer it. On Friday's I worked six to close and hadn't gotten home until two thirty this morning. By the time I'd settled down enough to sleep it had been close to four and I could barely force my eyes open. The clock on my night stand said eight am and I groaned again. I grabbed the phone and without looking at the number, grumbled, "Who is it?"

"Well good morning to you too, sunshine!" a female voice chirped in my ear.

"Who...who is this?" I asked, trying to place the voice.

"You don't recognize my voice?" There was an exaggerated sigh. "And here I thought I was your favorite!"

"Favorite?" I sat up and shook my head, "Kim?" it didn't quite sound like her, but it was my only guess as I tried to clear the cob webs from my sleep addled mind.

"Kim?" this was followed by laughter. "I guess there are worse things than to be confused with a pretty young girl."

"Look I'm sorry, but..."

"Todd, its Miss Ross."

"Miss....?" Holy shit, how did I miss her voice? I'd only heard it whispering dirty things in my ear for a couple of years now. "I'm sorry! I was sleeping and..."

"No worries, I probably sound different on the phone, and besides," she paused briefly before continuing, "I'm sure my voice isn't the one you would imagine in your ear in the morning."

I paused thinking that was a little eerie after my last thought. Clearing my throat I asked,

" everything okay?"

"Well I have a little problem Todd." She began. "I didn't check my calendar and I have a family thing on Sunday I can't get out of. But we need to have the last group so I was wondering if you can make it today?"

"Today?" I frowned trying to recall if I had to work.

"Yes, I called the other students and they all said they can make it, can you?"

As she spoke I had reached out and grabbed the paper I had jotted my schedule down on.

"Yeah sure, I don't have work until eight tonight. What time are we meeting?" I looked longingly at me pillow hoping for a couple more hours sleep.

"Oh, you have a couple of hours!" she laughed, "I know I woke you up and honestly, I'm still rolling around in bed."

" are?" I repeated like an idiot.

"Yup, still in my jammies," she giggled into the phone like a little girl, "Just a pair of boy shorts and a little red cammie top. Not very professional."

"Umm.... No I guess not." I answered weakly as my cock began growing picturing her in a silky little top, her braless tits ready to fall out.

"Sorry Todd," she laughed again, "I guess that was a little, how do you kids say it T&A?"

"I...I think you mean TMI." I replied, thinking T and A was exactly what was lodged in my head right now.

"Oh, that's right, too much information!" another cock stirring giggle. "The other one means tits and ass."

"I...yeah it does." I told her quietly trying to keep my voice steady.

"Sorry, Todd I shouldn't say that, I doubt a guy your age wants to hear that from someone almost old enough to be your mom."

"You look a lot younger than my mom." I said without thinking.

"Good answer!" she exclaimed then lowering her voice to close to a whisper added, "Or are you just..." she paused, "Kissing my ass?"

I swallowed hard, recalling "After School Special" and managed to laugh, "No seriously, you look pretty young."

"Aren't you sweet, well you know what they say about flattery; anyway is noon okay for you?"

"Yeah uh...sure."

"Good because like I said to you yesterday in class, I found your story very intriguing and can't wait to talk about it!"


"Really Todd, I'm very excited to hear all about your motivation! See you at Noon!"

I started to reply, but she had hung up. I leaned back on my pillow and for a moment allowed my mind to wander over what Miss Ross would look like in lying in bad in a pair of tight lace boy shorts, her little top riding up her stomach, up to just below the swelling of her tits. I shook my head to clear it. I was too tired even for that right now. Closing my eyes and waiting for sleep to return, I wondered what the hell had Miss Ross so interested in my story.

Granted I thought it had come out better than I expected, but saw nothing in it that would have her excited. Even yesterday at class she had come up to me and told me how impressed she was with my latest work. I'd thanked her and said it was a bit different for me. She'd smiled and said that not only was it different, but seemed truly inspired. She'd walked away at that point, leaving me to be truly inspired by her ass in a pair of tight black jeans.

I shrugged as I lied there and chalked it up to maybe she just felt this story was more up to my potential. Miss Ross had been telling me all year I was better than what I was turning in. Of course, I thought with a grin, she had never seen any of what I referred to as my 'real' work. Talk about inspiring. Speaking of inspiring her conversation with me had bordered on out right flirting. I knew it wasn't, she was probably just in a good mood. I noticed at the meetings at her house she was much more relaxed and spoke quite differently and this was no different.

On a different note, that conversation would make a good beginning to a new story. I show up at her house, she's the only one there and answers the door wearing some sexy lingerie and....I smiled as I felt my mind drifting back into sleep and wondered if shit like that ever happened outside of movies and stories.


I pulled up in front of Miss Ross's house and glancing at my phone saw it was five to twelve. That was odd, I thought as I looked around. I didn't see Tony or Kim's cars or anyone else for that matter. I was usually the last one to arrive so this would be a first. I started to get out, but stopped and took a quick look in the mirror. I'd spent more than a little time trying to get my hair just right and had shaved. I looked closely at my blue eyes, making sure they weren't bloodshot from not a lot of sleep and after giving myself a big smile said, "You look good too Miss Ross, why yes I would love to see your..."

I laughed and sighed, "Knock it off Romeo."

I grabbed my notebook and getting out of the car, did a brief check to make sure my black polo shirt was tucked into the jeans I was wearing. The jeans were more than a little tight and the shirt showed off the arms I'd built up playing football the last two years. All in all I thought I looked pretty good. Whether I was showing off for Kim or in some vain hope Miss Ross checked out young guys was up for debate, but one way or another I was happy with the result. I'd also sprayed on some Wings cologne for a little extra effect and after running my fingers through my hair, walked up to Miss Ross's door and rang the bell.

I had turned partway at the sound of a car coming around the corner to see if it was one of the other kids, but it wasn't. I heard the door open and Miss Ross say, "Hi Todd, thank you so much for coming today!"

"Hi Miss," I began as I turned towards her, "I...."

I stopped in mid sentence when I saw her. She was wearing a red sundress what was so low cut not only could I see the top half of her tits, but right down between them. In fact I could see far enough down to notice that what I wasn't seeing is any type of bra. I forced my eyes from her chest and noticed the dress tied around her neck leaving her smooth creamy shoulders bare. Well not completely bare, Miss Ross's long curly black hair was down and draped over her right shoulder.

"You okay Todd?" she asked  threesome asian sex movies
"I..." I snapped myself out of it and hoped to hell I hadn't been gawking. "Sorry, I thought I umm...heard my cell ringing. Anyway, problem, glad to be here."

"And I'm very glad to have you here." She gave me a smile that caused my heart to flutter.

Not only because it seemed more than a bit playful, but her lips were painted a deep red, making them more luscious than ever and as I looked into her big expressive brown eyes, she winked.

"Well come on in, you know the way."

She turned and when she headed down the hallway in front of me, I felt my mouth drop open. The dress was as short as the damn skirt I'd pictured her in my story. The red material wasn't reaching more than a few inches below the cheeks of her ass and while I stared at the backs of her long smooth thighs, I wondered if she could even bend over in it. Following her into her living room my eyes wandered down her long shapely legs and with a start I noticed she was barefoot.

Miss Ross entered her living room and I saw that where she had usually pulled all the chairs into a circle, they were spread out around the room. Walking over to the love seat in front of the window, she paused to pick up a glass of wine and a folder I assumed had our stories in it. That was different, I'd never seen her drink at these things, usually we had soda or iced tea. I stood in the middle of the room, unsure of where to sit and watched while she pulled the shade down that was over the loveseat.

Turning she sat down in the corner of the love seat and when I started to sit in the armchair across from her she shook her head and pointed to the other side of the love seat.

"Come sit over here Todd."

I started over then stopped when she raised her right leg and crossed it over the left. She'd raised her leg high enough that I had gotten a glimpse of red lace between her legs. I felt my face begin to flush and lowered my gaze to the floor in hopes she didn't notice.

"Well?" she asked. I raised my head to see her pat the cushion next to her, "Come on over, are you afraid I'll bite?"

"No, I just..." I shrugged and made my way over, as I did she continued,

"I've been known to nibble from time to time, but not bite."


"Sorry," she laughed, "I'm in a really good mood and think maybe I've had a glass too many," she indicated the wine glass, "But hey it is the weekend. Want some?"

"No thanks I'm uh...too young to drink."

"That's right you are, aren't you?" she smiled at me, "Just a pup, or is the word," she winked. "Cub?"

"Cub?" I frowned.

"Oh, come on now Todd, I know you know what a cougar is and cougars like cubs don't they?"

"Sure I guess so," I mumbled as I felt my face getting hot again.

She was staring at me, her eyes locked onto mine and I wondered what was going on, I had the strange feeling I was in one of my own stories. She was drinking, dressed to kill and...

"Where's everyone else?" I asked.

"They're coming tomorrow like always."

"What? I thought you said...."

"I lied." She said with a shrug. "I wanted to talk to you about your story in person Todd."

"W...why?" I asked, beginning to get nervous. "What's so special about that story?"

She looked at me and her eyes narrowed. After an uncomfortable silence, she smiled again, "You don't know do you?"

" not really, it was just a Vampire story. I did try to humanize him, but still I don't think...."

I stopped as she clapped her hands together, "Oh, this might be even more fun than I thought!"

"Miss Ross, I don't know what you're talking about." I told her.

"I guess not," she laughed as she reached into the folder and removed several stapled together pages. "But you will soon enough."


"First off, sit back and relax Todd, you're on the edge of your seat like you're ready to run."

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